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The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) is a nonpartisan policy institute with expertise in federal and state budget and tax policy. CBPP informs policy debates through analysis that policymakers, journalists, and others rely upon. CBPP focuses on addressing policy challenges in fiscally responsible ways that enable the nation to fulfill its commitments and respond to key unmet needs, especially for disadvantaged populations. CBPP is particularly known for developing and effectively advancing fiscally responsible options to make programs for low-income households more effective, inclusive, and adequately funded; to promote opportunity for households and communities that have been left behind; and to lessen inequality and advance broadly shared prosperity.
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820 First Street, N.E., Suite 510
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for support of the anti-austerity and economic case for the expanded role of government  
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is a nonpartisan policy institute that advances fiscal policies to reduce poverty and inequality, expand health coverage, broaden opportunity, and promote racial equity. The grant will support analytic and communications work to make the affirmative case for expanding public investments while pushing back against austerity and anti-tax arguments that the United States is unable to afford these investments. In coming years, the nation must both address the current health and economic crisis and make permanent policy advances that promote economic and racial justice. Success will depend on helping policymakers and the public understand the economic arguments for investment and against austerity.

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