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For the United States Reproductive Rights program  
This grant will support the Center for Reproductive Rights’ United States Reproductive Rights program to advance laws and policies that ensure women can access reproductive health care, and prevent laws and policies that limit access to reproductive health care. Working at the local, national, regional, and global levels, the center conducts high impact litigation, policy reform, and advocacy; cultivates strategic alliances and networks; and develops communications campaigns. Across its work, including with the United States, Reproductive Rights program, the center aims to strengthen jurisprudential standards in courts; focus conversations about reproductive rights on women’s dignity, health, and rights; broaden the base of support for reproductive rights; and build the capacity of state and local partners to affect change.
for support of the Center for Reproductive Rights Africa Program  
This grant to the Center for Reproductive Rights will support its Africa Program, which seeks to protect, respect, and fulfill the full spectrum of reproductive rights in the region. The center’s new five-year strategic plan focuses on roles that build on its comparative advantage in the field as legal and policy leader and effective partner. The center’s Nairobi-based regional office plans to lead and support impact litigation, shape norms and public policies, and conduct strategic advocacy to advance reproductive rights. The center will support locally driven change and build capacity for more effective, sustained local advocacy and legal work.

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