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The Center for Global Development (CGD) is one of the world’s leading think tanks focused on research and analysis of development policies, including foreign aid, trade, debt, migration, climate change, global health, education, and population. CGD’s focus on influencing the policy community in wealthy countries has been key to its success, and the organization now has a well-established audience of decision makers that rely on the research and analysis of CGD scholars.The coming two years represent a crucial transition period for CGD from Washington start-up to an established organization with global ambitions and capabilities. During this period, CGD plans to further develop the core strengths and values that have contributed to its success while extending its reach modestly beyond Washington to Europe and the rising emerging markets, and deepening and making more explicit its approach to linking research to policy influence and impact. Last year, on the occasion of CGD’s ten-year anniversary, the Hewlett Foundation made a special, one-time challenge grant to help CGD raise core funding for its next chapter. This grant would be a renewal of CGD’s regular general operating support.
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The Center for Global Development is an independent, nonpartisan think tank that works to reduce global poverty and improve lives through economic research that drives better policy and practice by the world’s top decision makers. The center’s research and policy engagement are structured around seven program areas: U.S. development policy initiatives; U.K. and European Union development policy; global health policy; migration, displacement, and humanitarian policy; sustainable development finance; education; and technology and development., The center will also pursue research and policy engagement in four emerging, cross-cutting policy areas. The first is COVID-19 and the global response, building on the significant body of research, commentary and policy engagement that the center has mounted in the first three months of the pandemic including analysis of economic and social impacts on low-income countries, recommendations for international financing, applications of an advanced-market commitment for a vaccine, the public health response and much more. Other cross-cutting areas include the role of China in development, climate finance, and gender equity.This grant serves many goals across GDP’s portfolio, as the grantee both generates high-quality evidence and has outsized influence in policy in areas related to women’s economic empowerment, reproductive health, fiscal transparency, and data governance. The center is influential across the evidence-informed policymaking field, serving as a reference point for evidence professionals globally, both in terms of content and tactics. (Strategy: Evidence-Informed Policymaking.)

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