For A Pilot Project To Build Capacity For Evidence Use In Ghana

The Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) is an advocacy think tank that seeks to advance democracy, good governance, and inclusive economic growth and development in Ghana and Africa. With this grant, the center will pilot and test approaches to enhance the capacity and incentives of government policy actors to use data and evidence for policy and program development, implementation, and evaluation in three districts in Ghana. CDD-Ghana will strengthen connections and coordination across the emerging community of actors advancing evidence-informed policymaking in Ghana.
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No. 95 Nortei Ababio Loop North Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana
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for a project to provide citizens with information on the performance of public officials in Ghana  
This grant will support the establishment of a data facility center to assemble, archive, and disseminate social, economic and electoral data at the district level in Ghana. Armed with basic information on the state of public goods and services, citizens and the media will be able to assess and evaluate the degree to which public officials are fulfilling their obligations, and thus hold their representatives accountable. Over the next 18 months, CDD will identify data sources, collect and process data into accessible formats, and make data available to citizens through regular bulletins, an established website, and strategic partnerships with key media outlets.
for a project to inform citizens about the quality of public service delivery  
The Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) promotes an active citizenry and more responsive government through better use of evidence to improve public policies and service delivery. This grant will fund CDD-Ghana’s I Am Aware program, which compiles and shares data on how district governments are performing in delivering key services including health, education, and water and sanitation. CDD-Ghana will work with other civil society organizations, government officials, national and local media, and citizen volunteers to raise awareness and take appropriate action to improve services. CDD-Ghana will strengthen its monitoring and evaluation capacity and share lessons with others in the transparency, participation, and accountability field.
for support to the Afrobarometer  
The Afrobarometer is a pan-African network that has been collecting data on citizens’ opinions about democracy, governance, public service quality, and related issues since 1999. The grant will support the next two rounds of the Afrobarometer opinion survey; continue to build the network’s capabilities to communicate findings to domestic and international users in media, government, civil society, and academia; and track how those findings are being used for policy planning and implementation at the country and global levels.

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