Campaña Global por la Libertad de Expresión A19

For Support Of The Right To Information Program

This grant will fund the Right to Information Program at Article 19’s Mexico office. The purpose of the grants is to (a) strengthen the capabilities of guarantor bodies of the right to information at the state level to promote and protect this right; (b) increase the openness of appointment processes to key positions for the protection of human rights in Mexico; and (c) strengthen the capacities of women and men in indigenous communities in two states in Mexico to exercise their right of access to information as a tool to demand social accountability.
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Vicente Garcia Torres 75, CASA F, Colonia La Concepción, Alcaldía Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, 04020, Mexico
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for support of the Right to Information program  
The mission of Article 19 (A19) is to promote freedom of expression and of information globally. This grant will support the Right to Information program at Article 19’s Mexico office to promote the right to information (RTI) and access to information (ATI) in three states (Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Yucatan) and with three groups (Indigenous women and rural communities; collectives; and civil servants of RTI and ATI at the local and state level). A19 will raise awareness and provide training sessions on RTI with communities, local journalists, and media; provide legal assistance and follow up on freedom of information requests; develop advocacy strategies; establish dialogues with decision makers; and monitor guarantor bodies, among other activities. (Strategy: Inclusive Governance)
for a project to assess the performance of state and federal information commissions in Mexico  
The Campaña Global por la Libertad de Expresión A19 (Article 19) is an organization that works to protect journalists, advocate for freedom of the press, and encourage access to public information. This grant will fund a project with Article 19’s Mexico office to evaluate how access to public information reforms have been implemented at the subnational level in Mexico, particularly in relation to the performance of information commissions created to act as ombudsmen for citizens requesting information from public agencies. At the same time, the project will create a platform for information requestors to share their experiences and exchange knowledge about best and worst practices in implementing access to information reforms.

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