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This grant would provide unrestricted funds for Bread for the World Institute, which engages diverse church groups across the United States to support policies that will reduce hunger at home and abroad. During this grant period, the Institute will work to protect funding for development assistance, mobilize U.S. leadership for the next round of global development goals, and push for effective food security programs. Supported by a previous Hewlett Foundation grant, the Institute continues to serve as the fiscal sponsor of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network, a coalition of think tanks and advocacy organizations that promotes reforms of U.S. development aid.
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for support of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network  
The Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network (MFAN), with Bread for the World Institute as the fiscal sponsor, has been a key voice since 2007 for foreign assistance and global development policy reform among policymakers, thought leaders, and the development stakeholder community. This project grant will support MFAN as it transitions over the coming months to a coalition focused specifically on policy reforms to strengthen transparency and accountability and to ensure that the aid is more responsive to the people and governments of developing countries.
for support of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network  
Bread for the World Institute is the fiscal sponsor of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network (MFAN), a group of think tanks, advocacy organizations, and development experts committed to making U.S. development assistance more effective, more accountable and more responsive to local needs and priorities. During the next eighteen months, MFAN will continue its efforts to hold policymakers accountable for implementing promised reforms, and will develop priority policy recommendations to inform future reform efforts. This grant also includes activities after the first quarter of 2013 that may lead to a restructuring or phaseout of MFAN.

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