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The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) works to advance bipartisan policy ideas on a wide range of issues, some of which are represented in the Hewlett Foundation’s U.S. Democracy Program strategy, such as strengthening Congress and political reform. BPC is uniquely committed to bipartisan collaboration as the only viable path to legislative solutions to critical national problems. Its leadership and experts are drawn from Capitol Hill, academia, and the private sector. Through independent research, policy briefs, convenings, media relationships, and educational outreach, BPC advances the values of bipartisanship and solid policy proposals. (Strategy: Strengthening Congress.)
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1225 I Street, N.W. Suite 1000, Washington, DC, 20005-3914, United States
Grants to this Grantee
for Fix Congress Cohort coordinator role  
The Bipartisan Policy Center will coordinate the Fix Congress Cohort, an informal network of individuals and organizations with deep expertise in and commitment to improving the capacity and operations of Congress. Since 2019, the cohort has successfully driven reform efforts on Capitol Hill through the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress, the House Administration Subcommittee on Modernization, and various other avenues. (Substrategy: Legislative Branch)
for the Energy Program  
The Bipartisan Policy Center is a nonprofit organization that ensures policymakers work across party lines to craft bipartisan solutions. Its Energy Program supports the adoption of policy that stabilizes our climate, while also growing the economy, national security, and global competitiveness. The program’s five areas of work include technological innovation, carbon management, infrastructure investment, national policy development, and natural climate solutions. In 2023 the center is expanding its focus from the federal policymaking arena to include the implementation of climate investment legislation and strengthening bipartisan support for these investments. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy)
for the Energy Program  
The Bipartisan Policy Center’s Energy Program is focused on pragmatic climate and clean energy policies through engagement with a broad set of stakeholders and experts from diverse political perspectives. The center invites constructive negotiations and durable policies that expand the decarbonization toolkit through technological innovation, carbon management, net-zero infrastructure and policy design, and natural climate solutions. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy)

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