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For The Support Of The Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund In The Bay Area

The Philanthropy program applies three criteria for its Serving Bay Area Communities (SBAC) grants: (a) the work supports an innovative philanthropic model, (b) the work had some potential to scale regionally and nationally, and (c) the work provides direct service to Bay Area communities. With this SBAC grant, we support the implementation of collective impact initiatives in the Bay Area as part of the Aspen Institute’s Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund. These initiatives seek to reconnect disconnected youth (opportunity youth) with education and employment opportunities, via two backbone organizations—Kids in Common in Santa Clara County and Urban Strategies Council in Oakland.
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2300 N Street NW, #700, Washington, DC, 20037-1122, United States
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for support of Opportunity to Learn principles in action  
The Aspen Institute Education and Society Program works to improve public education by informing and influencing education leaders to take action on matters of education policy and practice. Building on the work of a bipartisan set of policymakers to develop Opportunity to Learn principles, Aspen will support policymakers in advancing an opportunity agenda and facilitating partnerships. This work advances the Education Program’s goal of ensuring that public education provides students with meaningful skills, knowledge, and mindsets by supporting the policies and leadership to ensure a rich vision for public education; creating learning environments for education leaders; and bringing together diverse stakeholders across race, gender, geography and political affiliation. (Strategy: K-12 Teaching and Learning)

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