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For A Project To Examine The Effectiveness Of U.S. Foreign Assistance In Insecure Countries

A grant to the Aspen Institute will assist the Aspen Strategy Group in furthering an important conversation on aid reform. As global development issues now often intersect with security challenges in the 21st century, the Aspen Strategy Group recognizes the need to elevate development and foreign assistance within the overall debate on national security. The Aspen Strategy Group has contributed to this conversation by organizing a session at its annual summer workshop exploring the effectiveness of America’s development assistance and financial aid to Pakistan. In addition, the Aspen Strategy Group commissioned a paper delving into the myriad of challenges that development organizations and the US government face in Pakistan. The paper on Pakistan will become a chapter of a larger policy book with specific recommendations for the US government. Ultimately, by including a discussion on aid to Pakistan and the need to balance development and security, the goal is to widen the discussion and deepen the link between the development, defense and diplomatic communities. (Aspen Institute (Washington, DC) - Project; New; $25,000 over 1 year; 6% of project budget)
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for the Verify conference  
Aspen Digital is the Aspen Institute’s umbrella program on cybersecurity, technology, and digital policy issues. A grant to the Aspen Institute will support Aspen Digital’s planning and execution of a media roundtable to deepen journalists’ understanding of key cybersecurity and technology policy issues and, by extension, their ability to translate and make those policy issues more accessible to the public.
for the Aspen Digital program  
The Aspen Institute, founded in 1949, is a global nonprofit organization committed to realizing a free, just, and equitable society. Aspen Digital empowers policymakers, civic organizations, companies, and the public to be responsible stewards of technology and digital media in the service of a more just and equitable world. This grant will support Aspen Digital’s cybersecurity and technology initiatives focused on addressing U.S. cyber policy challenges, disseminating solutions to these problems, and building a cadre of policy-informed tech experts to produce sound, secure products and ultimately, a safer cyber ecosystem. This grant supports Aspen Digital’s US Cybersecurity Group, the new Global Cybersecurity Group, and the Aspen Tech Policy Hub. (Strategy: Core Institutions)
for support of the Urban District Leadership Network  
The Urban District Leadership Network is a learning community that supports senior leaders from nationwide urban bellwether districts in improving student learning conditions and experiences through thoughtful transformation of complex district systems. The network promotes learning, inspiration, reflection, and collaboration around efforts such as encouraging systemic coherence and the reorientation of school systems to student needs, experiences, and identities. It invites system leaders and researchers into conversation to address the gap between research and practice. This grant supports convening superintendents and their chief officers as they work to execute and sustain a rich, modern vision for the success of today’s students that is grounded in research and informed by practice — and that sees learners in their full humanity and potential. (Substrategy: District Deep Dives and Networks)

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