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For The Creation Of The Center For Accountability And Research

This grant will help establish the Center for Accountability and Research at American University. The Center seeks to support social accountability practitioners to achieve greater impact through access to research tools, partnerships with researchers, and resources to build organizational capacity. The Center’s activities aim to bridge the gap between research and practice by providing intensive learning exchanges and joint researcher-practitioner pilots for practical research projects.
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for partnering with networks and content developers to build capacity for high-quality OER  
The Project on Copyright and Open Licensing is part of the Program on Information Justice & Intellectual Property at American University Washington College of Law. With this grant, the project will work to remove real and perceived legal barriers in developing OER and to provide educational materials and technical support for the creation of OER by individuals and institutions, with a focus on copyright law and Creative Commons licensing. An intended outcome of this effort is to advance equity and inclusion in education systems by increasing access to authorship and representation of diverse perspectives in instructional materials. (Substrategy: Field Building)

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