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For The Production Of A Public Radio Program On Revitalizing US Foreign Assistance

A Presidential Discretionary grant to America Abroad Media (AAM) (Washington, DC) will support the production of America's Development Deficit, a one hour public radio program as part of AAM's monthly America Abroad series. AAM's goals in producing America's Development Deficit will be to shape the policy debate in Washington, DC on revitalizing US foreign assistance and to educate an influential public radio audience on: 1) the history of US foreign assistance, 2) contemporary challenges facing US global development efforts, 3) the increased militarization of aid, and 4) the organizational and leadership deficit at USAID. In addition, to amplify the findings of the program and help shape the policy debate currently underway in Washington, AAM will convene an off-the-record policy briefing bringing together government officials and the policy community. AAM will also develop a podcast and program page for America's Development Deficit. Along with the efforts of several current Hewlett grantees and their work with the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network, this one hour public radio program will serve as an additional tool to make clear the need to modernize U.S. foreign assistance. (New, $100,000/1; 100% of project budget)
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1020 Nineteenth Street Suite 650, Washington, DC, 20036, United States

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