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For Support Of Research On Quality Of Post-abortion Care Services

This grant will support the African Population and Health Research Center to conduct research on post-abortion care services. Currently, about 90 percent of women of childbearing age in Africa live in countries with restrictive abortion laws in which women resort to unsafe methods that can result in fatalities and severe disabilities. Post-abortion care services, however, are legal in most countries and provide essential treatment for complications from unsafe abortions. The center will collect data on the quality and availability of post-abortion care in Kenya, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso, and use the evidence to advocate for policies that improve quality of services, promote health equity, and scale up effective interventions.
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for general operating support  
As the premier multidisciplinary African think tank, the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) generates rigorous research, supports evidence uptake, trains African scholars, and transforms knowledge ecosystems to influence policies and programs. APHRC’s extensive expertise in Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, urbanization, health systems, and an emphasis on research-capacity strengthening and stakeholder engagement affords the organization a unique role in the field. (Strategy: International Reproductive Health)
for support of the Care Work and the Economy Africa project  
This grant will support the Care Work and the Economy Africa project to generate and foster the use of evidence and gender-aware macroeconomic tools that contribute to increased public investment in care provisioning and infrastructures for young children and older adults. The African Population and Health Research Center and a team of global and regional partners will assess the economic and social impacts of existing care arrangements in Kenya and Senegal and develop innovative tools to inform national economic policies and budgets. The team will support regional partners in using new evidence to influence governments’ post-COVID-19 policies to address the demand for unpaid care work and support women’s economic agency. (Strategy: International Women’s Economic Empowerment)

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