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For Support Of APHRC's Education Program

Hewlett Foundation support has allowed the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) to expand beyond its population and health focus by developing a program in education and to become a leading voice in education thanks to its quality research and strong links to decision makers. This grant would support APHRC to conduct policy-relevant research on factors that influence whether or not children learn and use the results to promote improved policy and practice in education in Kenya and elsewhere in the region.
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for an unsafe abortion costing study in Kenya  
The African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) in Nairobi, Kenya, conducts policy-relevant research on population and health issues facing sub-Saharan Africa. Earlier this year, in collaboration with two other Foundation grantees, APHRC released results from a nationwide study on the extent of unsafe abortion in Kenya. Based on findings of a relatively high prevalence of unsafe abortion, the study showed the urgent need for concerted efforts in Kenya to promote women’s access to quality reproductive health services—thereby decreasing abortion-related morbidity and mortality. This grant would support a study that will assess the financial costs of the incidence of unsafe abortion to Kenya’s health system, providing additional evidence needed to support policy advocacy and political engagement, as well as grounds for legal and policy reform in Kenya.
for Boardroom furniture and audio-visual and communication equipment  
In May 2011, the African Population and Health Research Center completed Phase 1 development of its headquarters facility at Kitsuru, which includes an office complex and conference facilities. Phase 2 is the development of a residential facility and completion of the offices, meeting rooms, and boardroom with furniture and other equipment. This grant would support the procurement of furniture and audio-visual and communication equipment specifically for the facility's boardroom, which has been named after Dr. Sara Seims, the first chair of the Center's Board of Directors and former Director of the Hewlett Foundation's Population Program.

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