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This general operating support to the African Population and Health Research Center will enable the Center to ensure that health and education policies and practices in sub-Saharan Africa are informed by robust scientific evidence. As a pan-African research organization, the Center generates and synthesizes knowledge on education, health systems, population dynamics, aging, and urbanization. The Center also engages with policymakers and other key audiences at the local, national, and regional levels to make sure the evidence is understood and used to guide policy formulation and action. A separate grant on this docket provides dedicated funding support to the Center’s Policy Engagement and Communications department.
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for a collaborative project to build, strengthen, and improve use of county data systems in Kenya  
The African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) is committed to generating an Africa-led and Africa-owned body of evidence to inform decision making for an effective and sustainable response to the most critical challenges facing the continent. The center’s mandate is to generate and support the use of evidence for meaningful action to improve the lives of all Africans. This grant supports a project in which APHRC will collaborate with the African Institute for Development Policy Research and Dialogue to strengthen capacity and use of integrated national and subnational data systems to promote evidence-informed decision making in two districts in Kenya.

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