African Institute for Development Policy Research and Dialogue

For A Collaborative Project To Build, Strengthen, And Improve Use Of County Data Systems In Kenya

The African Institute for Development Policy Research and Dialogue (AFIDEP) is a regional policy institute that seeks to ensure that government decision makers consider the most relevant and comprehensive evidence when they make policy decisions to improve the well-being of Africans and the environment in which they live. This grant supports a project in which AFIDEP will collaborate with the African Population and Health Research Center to strengthen capacity and use of integrated national and subnational data systems to promote evidence-informed decision making in two districts in Kenya.
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The African Institute for Development Policy Research and Dialogue is designed to bridge the gaps between research, policy, and practice in Africa The institute is growing its work in enabling African governments to consistently use evidence to inform policy formulation, resource allocation, and program implementation to accelerate achievement 0f the Sustainable Development Goals. The institute will help advance the Evidence-Informed Policymaking (EIP) strategy goals through its work across multiple African countries to strengthen institutional systems that facilitate evidence-informed decision making, expand and strengthen the EIP field by sharing lessons from promoting evidence use, and generate and translate evidence to inform policy decisions.

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