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For General Operating Support

A regional think tank based in Ghana, the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) provides African policymakers with independent research and analysis to inform the design and implementation of sound policies that promote broad-based economic growth. ACET was established in 2007 with initial seed funding from the Hewlett and Rockefeller foundations; we subsequently provided a three-year core support grant to ACET in 2008. Since then, the Foundation’s core support has helped the institution raise approximately $16 million in additional project and core funding. The organization now has a staff of twenty-five at its Accra headquarters, hailing from eight African countries. This renewal grant will enable ACET to continue to expand its two main areas of work: (1) providing direct policy advisory services to senior government officials of African countries (current clients include the governments of Rwanda, Liberia, Ghana, and Sierra Leone); and (2) conducting original policy research on economic transformation issues in partnership with national think tanks in fourteen African countries, including producing the first edition of the Africa Transformation Report.
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for general operating support  
The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) provides research, policy advice, and capacity enhancements that African governments can use to transform their economies with the aim of reducing poverty and improving living standards for their citizens. ACET conducts economic analysis and research that provides practical understanding of economic transformation, and engages African policymakers to incorporate drivers of transformation into national strategies and plans. It also supports governments in strengthening the planning and finance institutions necessary to implement these strategies. ACET advances these activities both independently and through its Pan-African Coalition for Transformation that brings together scholars, governments, and the private sector from across Africa.
for general operating support  
The African Center for Economic Transformation provides research, policy advice, and capacity enhancements that African countries can use to transform their economies, reduce poverty, and improve living standards. It combines original research about the drivers of economic growth with advisory services to African governments on institutional arrangements and policy approaches to achieve economic growth goals. This grant would support the Center at an important time, as it moves from the inaugural edition of its flagship African Transformation Report and African Transformation Index into a sustained work program anchored on the themes of this report. In this grant period, the Center aims to further professionalize its communications and fundraising functions.
for advising African governments on the management of oil, gas, and mineral resources  
The African Center for Economic Transformation is a think tank that undertakes policy analysis and advisory activities. With this grant, the Center would assist governments with oil, gas, and mineral resources to exploit these resources effectively. The Extractive Resources Services program helps build capacity within African governments to manage their natural resource wealth for the maximum public benefit and provides expert advice and assistance in developing, negotiating, and administering agreements with petroleum and mineral companies. The Center also promotes dialogue among policy makers, investors, and civil society groups to create national platforms for good governance and responsive stewardship of natural resources.

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