Cyber Initiative Program Officer Eli Sugarman, writing for Forbes

On Tuesday, President Obama announced a series of new cybersecurity measures to improve information sharing between the private sector and government, modernize law enforcement’s approach to tackle cybercrime, and require national data breach reporting. These are all important steps towards what it’s increasingly clear is really needed: a comprehensive policy playbook to guide U.S. and other governments’ response to serious cyber incidents, like the recent hack of Sony Pictures. The United States can no longer afford to respond in an ad hoc and uncertain manner to serious cyber incidents because the Internet plays a critical role in the lives of millions of Americans and billions of individuals worldwide. Instead, it must work with cybersecurity experts in the private sector and civil society, as well as other nations, to put in place robust policy frameworks and doctrines to guide both offensive cyber operations and responses to cyber-attacks. Failure to do so will leave both public and private assets unnecessarily vulnerable to future attacks.