The Foundation: Sarah Jones explores the state of philanthropy

In 2016, to mark the Hewlett Foundation’s 50th Anniversary, we commissioned Tony-award winning playwright and performer Sarah Jones to create a one-woman show about philanthropy – and the result was The Foundation. In Jones’s own words, “The piece is an exploration of the views of various characters on the state of philanthropy in our country’s current sociopolitical and economic climate. As an artist, I have been a direct beneficiary of philanthropic giving throughout my career, and I drew from that experience as well as my understanding of the impact philanthropy has had on the lives of many millions of people in the U.S. over several generations.” Jones brings the work of foundations, nonprofits, and social change leaders to life through her distinctive characters.

Since its inaugural performance, Jones has performed The Foundation in more than ten other venues ranging from the Center for Popular Democracy and Stanford’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society’s Innovation Summit, to the Center for Effective Philanthropy biennial conference and the CHANGE Philanthropy Unity Summit. Jones will be performing for Fund for Shared Insight’s national gathering in May 2020.

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