Anup Bandivadekar

Program Officer, Environment

Dr. Anup Bandivadekar is a Program Officer for the Hewlett Foundation’s Environment Program, where he leads global strategic grantmaking on clean power and transportation as well as climate funding in India. Anup is deeply interested in technology, regulatory, economic, and social aspects affecting energy and transport systems and has nearly 15 years of experience working directly with regulators, policymakers, and policy shapers around the world. He has also managed and collaborated with multi-cultural teams located across continents.

Prior to joining Hewlett, Anup served as the Passenger Vehicles Program Director for The International Council on Clean Transportation for over a decade. There his work focused on reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions via new fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emission standards for passenger vehicles in the United States, the European Union, India, China, and other global regions. Anup was also the India lead for ICCT and has experience managing and collaborating with multi-cultural teams located across continents. Before ICCT he served as a postdoctoral fellow in the Sloan Automotive Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, where he evaluated vehicle and fuel technologies that can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum consumption in the United States.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Mumbai and a Master of Science from Michigan Technological University in the field of mechanical engineering, as well as a Master of Science in technology and policy and a Ph.D. in engineering systems from MIT. In his copious free time, Anup is fond of playing with his daughter, cooking, and trying to improve the quality of soil in his backyard.

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