The government of the United States draws its just powers from the consent of its people, expressed in free and fair elections through which we decide who will govern. This peaceful transition of power under law is a remarkable, magnificent achievement—something no nation had managed before our Revolution, something shockingly few nations have managed even today, but something America has done successfully for more than 200 years, even in times of war, civil war, and severe economic hardship.

Our democracy rests upon a bedrock promise that every voter’s voice should be heard. That’s not a Democratic promise or a Republican promise: it’s a promise from all of us to each of us, and the heart of our national identity. This year, more Americans exercised the right to vote than in any election in U.S. history, and it is incumbent upon all of us to protect our democracy by allowing the count to proceed, accurately and peacefully.

That so many voted is particularly notable given this year’s unprecedented challenges—a product of extraordinary work by countless state election officials from both parties to ensure a fair and safe election. We are grateful to these public servants and the nonpartisan civil society organizations that we and others have been privileged to support, who have spent months preparing to run a safe and secure election during a pandemic in ways that uphold the rule of law and the best traditions of democracy.

Their efforts are now being threatened by President Trump, who is trying to curtail the electoral process with baseless claims of voter fraud. We applaud the many public officials, again from both parties, who have rebuffed his assertions. We commend their efforts to ensure the lawful counting of all ballots and the peaceful resolution under law of election disputes. We support the efforts of journalists, technology companies, and others who are active on social media to amplify accurate information and call on them to take strong action to combat disinformation intended to undermine public confidence in the election and our democratic institutions.

Ultimately, the responsibility for securing democracy rests with each of us. We must resist appeals to base partisan impulses and honor the highest ideals of democracy. We do that by ensuring that the sacred right to vote—exercised by millions of our fellow citizens—is respected.