Ruth Levine – Global Development and Population Program Director

Levine, a development economist and expert in global health and
education, has joined the Foundation as the director of its newly
integrated Global Development and Population Program. Previously, Levine
was a deputy assistant administrator in the Bureau of Policy, Planning
and Learning at the U.S. Agency for International Development. She
replaces Sara Seims, former director of the Population Program, and
Smita Singh, former director of the Global Development Program, both of
whom had reached the ends of their terms at the Foundation.

Mexico City Office

Mendoza, currently a program officer in the Global Development and
Population Program’s Mexico City office, has been named acting managing
director of that office, effective July 11. Libby Haight, a public
policy expert with extensive experience in Mexico, joins her as a
program officer. To assist with the transition, C.R. Hibbs, former
managing director of the Mexico City office, will continue through
December 2011 as a senior advisor to the Foundation as her term

Dana Schmidt – Global Development and Population Program Officer

Schmidt has been named a program officer in the Global Development and
Population Program. She joined what was then the Global Development
Program as a Fellow in 2006 and became an associate program officer in
2009. Among her new responsibilities is managing the portfolio of India
grants in the Program’s Quality Education in Developing Countries work.

Elizabeth Peters – General Counsel

being named the Foundation’s general counsel in May, Elizabeth Peters
served as associate general counsel from October to December 2010 and
then as acting general counsel. Her prior position was associate in the
firm of Caplin & Drysdale in Washington, D.C., where her practice
focused on tax-exempt organizations, international tax law, and
corporate law.