At its annual meeting with grantees in the field of Open Educational Resources, the Hewlett Foundation welcomed keynote speaker Hal Plotkin, senior policy advisor to Under Secretary of Education Martha Kanter. As part of his remarks, Mr. Plotkin noted that the Hewlett Foundation has agreed to advise the Department on issues related to Open Educational Resources. In response to Mr. Plotkin’s remarks, the Foundation released the following statement from Program Director Barbara Chow:

“The Hewlett Foundation, which has been a significant funder of open education, has agreed to provide advice and share information with the Education Department, at the Department’s request,” says Barbara Chow, director of the Hewlett Foundation’s Education Program.  “When the organizations that helped launch this field began their work nearly a decade ago, few would have imagined that the work of our OER grantees would have had the opportunity to enter the mainstream so quickly and attract so much attention from governments around the world. It is a testament to the success of our grantees and others in the field, and the Hewlett Foundation is pleased to provide what support it can.”

Jack Fischer
Hewlett Foundation Communications Officer
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