Stephanie Cone – Intern, Finance Department.

Stephanie Cone graduated in 2008 from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she majored in business economics and minored in accounting. Before her internship with the Foundation, Cone worked in the private company services sector of PricewaterhouseCoopers, specializing in not-for-profit organizations. This summer, she helped the Foundation’s finance team prepare the 2008 990PF and 990T tax return.

Anjali Dixit – Sand Hill Fellow, Performing Arts Program.

Anjali Dixit graduated from Stanford University in June 2009 with a B.S. in biological sciences and a minor with honors in feminist studies. A Sand Hill Fellow this summer, Dixit worked with the Performing Arts team to develop tools that arts organizations can use to recruit and retain bright, entrepreneurial, talented, emerging arts leaders. This work fueled her appreciation of the vibrant, thriving arts community in the Bay Area and the innovative ways in which art can promote positive social change. Previously, Dixit worked on women’s rights issues through several public health initiatives, furthering her interest in the connections between gender, race, and class and social and health inequities. This month, she is embarking on a two-year master of public health program at Columbia University.

Riah Forbes – Sand Hill Fellow, Global Development Program.

Riah Forbes is a rising senior at Stanford University studying economics and international relations. As a Sand Hill Fellow, she worked with the Quality Education in Developing Countries team to develop metrics for evaluating their performance. Her past experiences in development include working on project development and marketing for TechnoServe in Bombay; doing research on gender ratios in Haryana, India; and teaching a student-initiated course on innovative solutions to social issues in India.

Nathaniel Nakashima – Intern, Communications Department.

Nathaniel Nakashima is a recent graduate of Stanford University, where he received his B.A. with honors in psychology. Before joining the Foundation, he spent three years researching a psychological phenomenon known as Duck Syndrome and its effects on students at Stanford. In addition, Nakashima served as a marketing intern at Tapulous Inc., an iPhone application start-up, where he helped the company promote its applications across several online social networks. As a member of the Hewlett communications department this summer, he helped develop the Foundation’s use of social media tools.