Statement of Jonathan Pershing, Environment Program Director, in response to the historic signing of the Inflation Reduction Act:

The Inflation Reduction Act is one of the most significant steps the U.S. has taken on climate in its history and will help the nation meet its emissions reduction commitments. It does this even as it increases the number of good paying, high quality jobs for American workers; helps conserve many of our nation’s lands and waters; and improves the well-being of communities across the U.S.

We recognize that more will need to be done to meet our national climate goals. And as we work to implement the provisions in this bill, we need to avoid perpetuating harm to communities already bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. Hewlett is committed to supporting partners who are helping to ensure more sustainable, just, and equitable outcomes on both the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act and ongoing efforts to combat climate change.