Conserving the American West

Putting a Strategy into Motion

Since our creation more than forty years ago, the Hewlett Foundation has made grants to conserve the North American West. While the approach to grantmaking has changed with the times, our commitment to protecting the land for people and wildlife has never been stronger. This issue of the Hewlett Foundation newsletter focuses on the Environment Program’s strategy for western conservation.

The lead story takes a look at public enthusiasm for conserving public lands. The Q&A with Environment Program Officer Michael Scott offers further insights into the Program’s strategies, and we include the current strategic plan for western conservation.

A Place Where the Public Doesn’t Mind Spending

In good times and bad, Americans favor conserving land.

“Foundations”: A Q&A with Michael Scott, Environment Program Officer

Michael Scott discusses the Foundation’s grantmaking to preserve open lands in the West.

Featured Website: Hewlett Foundation’s Five-Year Plan for Conserving Western Lands

This report outlines the Environment Program’s priorities and strategies for improving the ecological integrity of the West.


Environment Program Officer Danielle Deane will be leaving the Foundation at the end of her eight-year term.

February 2011 Newsletter