Deeper Learning

Educating a New Generation to
Compete in the World

America’s students will compete not just with their classmates but, increasingly, with students throughout the world. And right now, new standardized tests reveal that young Americans are lagging far behind in the skills that will be critical to their, and our nation’s, success. It is to change that equation that the Hewlett Foundation’s Education Program has introduced its “deeper learning” strategy for grantmaking.

Our lead story looks at what deeper learning is and its implications for a competitive workforce in the new century. The Q&A with Education Program Officer Christopher Shearer explains the importance of deeper learning and the grants the Foundation is making to support it.

Can Deeper Learning Improve American Competitiveness?

Making American education ready for a new century

“Foundations”: A Q&A with Christopher Shearer, Education Program Officer

Education Program Officer Christopher Shearer explains Hewlett’s grantmaking support of “Deeper Learning”

Featured Website: Expeditionary Learning

Project-based education to bring learning to a new level


A new director for grants administration

March/April 2011 Newsletter