What do you do if you are at risk for an accidental pregnancy? If you have access to the Internet, probably one of the first things is to go online to learn more. What are your choices? Who—and what—can help? It is for this rapid assistance that the Emergency Contraception Website was created more than a decade ago.
The site—operated by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals and the Office of Population Research at Princeton University, both Hewlett Foundation grant recipients—offers the straight facts and is not beholden to any pharmaceutical company. It provides timely, accurate information about emergency contraception and the locations of pharmacists worldwide. Among its features are a searchable database of emergency contraception providers sorted by zip code and information in four languages about how regular contraceptive pills can be used for emergency contraception. A recent major redesign of the site features compelling videos of women’s stories designed to help visitors realize they are far from alone.

Not-2-Late.com or http://ec.princeton.edu/