Nice introduction to the recently relaunched site by Chad Gorski at the Grants Managers Network (GMN) blog:

A very enthusiastic staff at Grand Valley State University’s Johnson Center for Philanthropy has recently re-launched (LP) with some dazzling new features. The site’s Philanthropy Ecosystem provides a Directory of 200 organizations that form philanthropy’s infrastructure, research, and networking platforms. LP’s Knowledge Library now holds over 600 learning resources carefully catalogued by 50 of the sector’s leading content providers. A single search field will yield resources from across the LP site, or you can browse resources using the site’s Real Simple Taxonomy. Original content now includes webinars, expert advice, and quick-read Learning Briefs on specific topics or career stages – especially for newcomers.

The Hewlett Foundation’s Jean McCall (who co-chairs’s advisory committee) and Sara Davis (who serves on the board of GMN) are quoted.