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For Support Of The Levin Center At Wayne Law School

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The Levin Center at Wayne Law strives to inspire and train current and future legislators and their staffs at all levels of government, particularly Congress, to carry out their constitutional and institutional responsibility to engage in bipartisan, fact-based oversight of both the public and private sector. The center also seeks to increase integrity, transparency, and accountability in civil society. It conducts training workshops, develops and promotes training videos, provides legislative internships and academic programming for law students in legislative process and oversight, and sponsors research in the field. The center works to equip future leaders on the federal, state, and local levels with the oversight skills needed to produce meaningful, bipartisan public policy outcomes and to conduct themselves in an open, honest, and civil manner.
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4200 F/AB, 656 Kirby, Detroit, MI 48202
Detroit, MI 48201
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for support of the Levin Center at Wayne Law School  
The bipartisan Levin Center at Wayne Law School is the nation’s leading authority on legislative oversight at all levels of government. Housed at Wayne State University Law School in Detroit with an office in Washington, D.C., its mission is to promote bipartisan, fact-based oversight and civil discourse as instruments of change. Led by veteran congressional investigators and former federal and state elected officials, the center, through training, scholarship, and convenings, elevates bipartisan fact-finding to interrupt the cycle of polarization that plagues Congress. The center also works with scholars and practitioners from across the U.S. to build oversight as an academic discipline and as a pillar of American democracy.

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