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4333 Brooklyn Ave NE, Box 359472, Seattle, WA, 98195-9472, United States
Grants to this Grantee
for strengthening central office functions to improve teaching and learning  
The District Leadership Design Lab, located in the College of Education, University of Washington, partners with school districts to redesign their central offices to tackle inequality in education. They do so by providing access to the latest knowledge about what central offices do to support improvement at scale and by leveraging this knowledge to design new policies and practices. Studies of these design efforts provide guidance to the field. This grant supports the Design Lab’s efforts to transform the central operations of a new cohort of districts as they seek to create systemic improvements in teaching and learning. (Substrategy: District Deep Dives and Networks)
for the development of a next-generation instructional evaluation ecosystem  
The University of Washington requests funding to develop a next-generation formative assessment and evaluation system for teaching and learning. The university has already developed a first-of-its-kind system of math games to assess K-7 student learning of the Common Core standards in math and deeper learning. With this grant, it would build a teacher portal able to capture and evaluate the efficacy of a teacher’s practice by using learning data from the games to indicate the impact of his or her instruction.
for research and analysis of the school improvement capacity of effective state education agencies  
The Center on Reinventing Public Education at the University of Washington engages in independent research and policy analysis on a range of K-12 public education issues, including choice and charters, finance and productivity, teachers, urban district reform, leadership, and state and federal reform. The Center plans to identify key points of leverage that state education agencies can use to improve school performance. The project will produce a research brief outlining critical information that incoming state education chiefs need in order to effectively manage their agencies and a final report detailing steps that state and federal policymakers could take to strengthen the role of the state education agencies.

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