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For The Long-term Impact Of Access To LARC Census Project

This grant to the University of Colorado at Boulder will support research to assess the effect of access to high-quality family planning under the Colorado Family Planning Initiative on poverty status and economic stability of women and their families. While this question is crucial to policy arguments worldwide, it has rarely been studied with adequate data on the women whom family planning programs are intended to assist.
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for support of a research hub that focuses on youth organizing  
The National Education Policy Center, a nonprofit education research center housed at the University of Colorado Boulder, supports the Research Hub for Youth Organizing and Education Policy. In order to advance education justice, the hub conducts research and shares results and analyses with youth-organizing groups and coalitions. The goal of these efforts is to uplift and centralize the voices of marginalized youth to sustain a movement dedicated to improving education systems.
for a research-practice partnership to test theories of diffusion and scaled impact  
The School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder is a nationally recognized innovator that teaches, conducts research, and engages in outreach to improve educational practices and policies. The grantee — one of a new cohort of researcher-practice partnerships — will support professional learning so Denver educators can engage in culturally relevant, phenomenon-based (focused on observable events) science teaching; it will also organize a learning community meeting for the cohort of research-practice partnership grantees. This work will present a model of professional learning that districts and states may either adopt or adapt, while providing new thinking about the spread of innovation.

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