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For Support Of The Sahel Leadership Program

The Organizing to Advance Solutions in the Sahel (the OASIS Initiative) at the University of California at Berkeley works in Niamey, Niger to educate and empower adolescent girls, expand access to voluntary family planning, and adapt agricultural practices to climate change. This grant to the OASIS Initiative will support a week-long meeting to advance girls’ education and empowerment, increase access to family planning and delay marriage. The participants in this meeting will include high-level policy makers from Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali.
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University Relations 2080 Addison Street #4200, Berkeley, CA, 94720-4200, United States
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for the Center for Latin American Studies  
The Center for Latin American Studies inspires new ideas and research by bringing together academics, artists, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs from around the world at the University of California, Berkeley. Funding from the Hewlett Foundation will allow the Center for Latin American Studies to host public events; support faculty and student research; disseminate information through its website and publications; and build a community of Latin American-focused scholars, researchers, students, and practitioners.
for the Berkeley Judicial Institute  
The University of California, Berkeley, Law School has launched the Berkeley Judicial Institute (BJI), which examines judicial integrity, ethics, impartiality, political influence, and the inherent stresses of being a judge. It will also focus on other important issues affecting the administration of justice. Jeremy D. Fogel, who has served as the director of the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C., will become the program’s executive director. During the grant term, the BJI plans to provide education and resources for jurists and help faculty and students gain a better understanding of how the judiciary works.

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