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for continuation of Data2X  
By improving the quality, comprehensiveness, availability, and use of gender data, Data2X seeks to produce more complete and accurate insights into the lives of women and girls — an essential element for achievement of gender equality at national and global levels. The initiative raises awareness about the importance of gender data; engages in policy advocacy to increase resources and focus them on priority data gaps; and facilitates partnerships among data funders, producers of data, and technical experts in gender and development. Data2X plays a special role in improving gender-sensitive information for economic policymaking by hosting a technical partnership focused on measurement of unpaid work.
for the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data  
The United Nations Foundation serves as the institutional host of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. The partnership brings together government, private-sector, civil society, and international institutions to harness new and traditional sources of data to better understand and address development challenges. During this grant period, the partnership will advance its three goals to (a) drive political change, elevating the importance of data production, access, and use for decision making; (b) address data challenges at the country level through multisectoral collaboration; and (c) foster trust across its diverse constituencies to help overcome barriers to data access and use.

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