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For The Network For A New Political Economy

The Network for a New Political Economy aims to rethink political economy and develop an alternative intellectual paradigm to neoliberalism. The roots of the new paradigm reside in ongoing research in social science departments, such as economics, political science, sociology, and history, as well as in professional schools. such as business, law, and public policy. The network fosters an intellectual conversation among faculty and students across these units at UC Berkeley, and encourages them to frame their insights for public engagement and policy relevance. It facilitates collective deliberation at UC Berkeley and with partners at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and elsewhere, on how political economy should be studied and taught, as well as how new perspectives can be applied to public debates and pressing policy problems.
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for supporting the Anti-Racism Interactive Science to Expand Success (ARISES) project  
The Technology Enhanced Learning in Science group at UC Berkeley is a partnership of classroom teachers, researchers, and technologists who conduct design-based research to develop OER that promotes integrated and coherent understanding. With the Anti-Racism Interactive Science to expand Success (ARISES) project, the group will explore how OER, combined with research-tested pedagogical patterns, can be used by teachers to customize technology-rich interactive science units to strengthen students’ science understanding, build student agency, and promote racial equity. (Substrategy: Content, Tools, and Services)
for planning for the development of a political economy center  
This is a planning grant to design and launch a new center for the study of political economy at UC Berkeley. Political economy — the analysis of the interplay of markets and government — is a critically important domain of research and theorizing, relevant to addressing a wide range of global challenges. Berkeley has an exceptional faculty working in this field and a strong curricular foundation, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This initiative seeks to build on and extend these strengths, making Berkeley a leading institution in the development of usable knowledge in this field, enhancing its training of the next generation of scholars, and encouraging engagement with relevant communities beyond the academy.

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