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Bristol Bay, Alaska, contains the best salmon populations in North America. Salmon is an important subsistence resource for Native peoples in the region, powers the Bay's commercial fishing industry, and attracts sport fishing enthusiasts from around the world. A proposed gold mine at the headwaters of Bristol Bay threatens the area's salmon populations, its economy, and 10,000 years of traditional Native use. Trout Unlimited has helped Bristol Bay residents organize themselves to urge the federal government to stop the proposed mine. In response, and supported by scientific analysis of the mine's potential impacts to salmon, The Environmental Protection Agency has initiated a review under the Clean Water Act that could lead to denial of a water discharge permit for the mine. Without the permit the mine cannot be built. This grant would allow Trout Unlimited to increase its outreach and organizing in Bristol Bay to ensure there is strong support for action by the Environmental Protection Agency
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Trout Unlimited (TU) works to conserve, protect, and restore North America’s cold-water fisheries and their watersheds. Across the American West, TU and its partners are working to restore rivers by removing derelict dams and other barriers to fish passage. The organization also advocates for greater policy protections for public lands and rivers. (Substrategy: Advance Conservation Protections.)
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This renewal grant would support Trout Unlimited’s efforts to protect, reconnect, and restore western rivers and streams and the lands necessary to sustain them. It will employ science, outreach, and organizing to engage a wide array of stakeholders—including ranchers, business people, and state and federal decision makers—in protecting western river ecosystems and the habitat needed to support them. The organization’s goals for this grant period include improving 1,900 river miles in sixteen western river basins for native and sport fisheries and protecting 32 million acres of public lands in eight western states.

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