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For Reducing The Environmental Impacts Of Oil And Gas Development In Northern Canada

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    General Support/Program
The Tar Sands Group is a coalition of Canadian and US organizations fiscally sponsored by the Tides Foundation. Their work is focused on slowing and ultimately stopping the growth of tar sands development in Alberta Canada. The organization’s strategy is to block refinery and pipeline expansions needed for tar sands development through public approval processes, reduce demand for tar sands oil in the US through adoption of state and national standards preventing the sale of high carbon fuels, and requirements that tar sands developers pay the full cost of water, air, and habitat impacts. This renewal grant would allow the Tar Sands Group to continue its multi-year campaign to constrain the growth of infrastructure needed for additional tar sands development while seeking natural resource protection and carbon emission reduction policies in the US and Canada as a durable, long-term mechanism for preventing tar sands development. Extraction and processing of tar sands petroleum devastates large swaths of boreal forestland – an area the size of Florida. In addition, tar sands oil extraction and refining has 3-4 times the carbon footprint of conventional oil. Despite these impacts, Canada’s proximity and political stability have led tar sands proponents to characterize them as the solution to U.S. energy security, and to push for "deep integration" of government and market structures to advance their development .
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The Green New Deal Network brings diverse actors into a national coalition of 15 grassroots, labor, climate, and environmental justice organizations. The network is focused on advancing climate justice campaigns in five priority states, implementing federal climate investments at the state and local levels, and advocating for federal executive action on climate. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy)
for Bay Area Cultural Funders for Equity CAF  
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