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    12 Months
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    General Support/Program
The Tides Center is serving as fiscal sponsor to Civity, which is a national nonprofit organization that helps leaders build and strengthen their civic networks to address problems in their communities. Civity’s work began by focusing on people and groups that had experienced deep social divides such as civil rights organizations, community organizers, and numerous politicians. Its focus to date has been on developing and honing intentional interpersonal interactions that connect people across and through difference, on learning how to share these skills with others, and on solidifying the research that grounds them. Given Civity’s readiness to grow in scale through a community-based approach, the purpose of this project grant is to support its expansion into four new communities across the country in the coming year, through its "Seeding Civity" projects.
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1012 Torney Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94129, United States
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for the Mosaic initiative  
This grant supports Mosaic, a project of the Tides Center, in its efforts to strengthen the infrastructure of the environmental community by investing in communications, leadership development, tools and training, field knowledge, and relationship-building between organizations and communities. (Substrategy: Build the Conditions for Enduring Conservation)

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