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For Support Of The Reproductive Justice And The Catalyst Funds

This grant would continue support for two key components of the Tides Center's Reproductive Justice Initiative. The Reproductive Justice Fund enables several larger organizations that are led by and for women of color -such as California Latinas for Reproductive Justice and Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice-to expand their grassroots organizing, advocacy, and infrastructure. The Catalyst Fund provides matching challenge grants to a number of smaller similar organizations whose work includes reproductive rights for communities of color. These investments are central to one of our Program's domestic strategy goals: diversifying the pro-choice movement to increase its impact and better attract and serve women who are most likely to have unplanned pregnancies and abortions. Over the past two years, organizations supported by these funds have made important contributions to a number of policy advances and increased their organizational effectiveness-largely through Tides' technical and financial support.
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1012 Torney Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94129, United States
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for the Mosaic initiative  
This grant supports Mosaic, a project of the Tides Center, in its efforts to strengthen the infrastructure of the environmental community by investing in communications, leadership development, tools and training, field knowledge, and relationship-building between organizations and communities. (Substrategy: Build the Conditions for Enduring Conservation)
for the Open Contracting Partnership project  
The Open Contracting Partnership engages governments and nongovernmental groups to establish and implement new global standards for transparency and broad participation in public contracting. The new standards will require that governments and companies disclose more contracts, that the information in the contracts is easily accessible and presented in user-friendly formats, and that citizens have opportunities to monitor contract award and execution processes. In addition to encouraging others to create and adopt these new norms, with this grant the Partnership would support country-level application of the principles and would facilitate learning among countries to ensure greater effectiveness in the use of public resources.

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