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For Support Of The CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) Communications Fellow

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    16 Months
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1014 Torney Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94129
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for support of the Sea Change Program  
Sea Change is dedicated to reducing abortion stigma and its negative effects on communities, health services, and policy. Sea Change conducts social science research and partners with organizations to identify, test, and share practices for reducing abortion stigma, which it defines as the shared understanding that abortion is socially wrong or morally unacceptable. This grant would help Sea Change continue to refine and scale its approaches to reducing stigma, in particular the Untold Stories Project, and to provide capacity building to other organizations that want to use a storytelling approach.
for the Open Government Partnership Support Unit  
Tides Center hosts the secretariat—the "Support Unit"—of the Open Government Partnership, an international platform for advancing open governance reforms. In Partnership member countries, which now number sixty-five, government officials and civil society champions jointly develop and implement commitments to improve government transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to citizens. The secretariat would support and empower government reformers with technical expertise, foster the engagement of a more diverse group of civil society actors, and ensure that participating countries are held accountable for making progress toward achieving their Partnership commitments.

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