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The Nonprofit Quarterly provides research-based news and analysis that is geared toward practitioner use within the nonprofit sector. With most of their content freely available, this magazine remains an important resource for organizations across many fields. We have provided modest general operating support through our Membership and Infrastructure portfolio over the past few years. We recommend an increase of our funding over the next year as they reassess and update their business model, potentially incorporating collaborative journalism tactics to involve more public and private voices and engage a larger audience base for the sector’s most pressing news.
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50 Milk Street c/o CIC, Boston, MA, 02109, United States
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for general operating support  
Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ) will use this grant for its economic justice work, which builds understanding about the economy among nonprofits and social movement activists, and advances conversations about what economic justice requires and how to achieve it. This work forms part of NPQ’s broader social justice platform through which its staff and community leaders, especially leaders of color, offer incisive analysis on core issues of racial, economic, climate, and health justice. This includes working with partners to produce in-depth, multi-article series; producing webinars; developing web-based educational materials; and using small-group virtual convenings to advance peer learning.
for general operating support  
The Nonprofit Quarterly provides independent, research-based journalism through its quarterly magazine and daily online journal geared toward practitioner use within the nonprofit sector, with some audience representation from philanthropy and the public sector. It strives to be the authoritative independent news source for matters of civil society and views an active, sometimes disruptive, civil sector as being critical to a healthy democracy. The publication’s growing audience includes nonprofits, foundations, academia, and government. It also makes much of its content freely accessible online. This grant will support a new initiative called the Voice Lab, which aims to help social sector leaders develop and use their voices publicly.

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