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For Support Of UltraViolet's Reproductive Rights Activism

UltraViolet is a national grassroots community founded in 2012 to provide fast-moving, high-energy advocacy campaigns on women’s issues. This grant would provide support for UltraViolet’s work on reproductive rights, focused on educating women, especially younger women, about the importance of reproductive health and encouraging them to participate in campaigns to protect reproductive rights. Since its inception, UltraViolet has grown its online activist membership to more than half a million. UltraViolet would use its rapid response, tech-savvy approach to expand the base of people ready to take action to support reproductive rights, increase the visibility of this national constituency, and influence public debates.
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360 Grand Avenue, #146, Oakland, CA, 94610, United States
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for general operating support  
The Center for Cultural Power supports artists who seek to engage in social movements as powerful agents for cultural change. The organization’s strategies include Artistic Leadership, Intersectional Storytelling, and Field Building. These strategic pathways center the artists’ role in society, their creative experience and their work, while positioning them to shift narratives including on climate change. The Center for Cultural Power is a shared grantee of Hewlett’s Environment and Performing Arts programs. (Substrategy: U.S. Climate Policy)
for support of the Rootstrikers project  
This grant would support mobilization of citizens in New Hampshire around the issue of campaign finance reform. New Hampshire remains the location of the first-in-the-nation presidential primary, and as such offers a high-profile, highly leveraged venue to help inform the agenda for the presidential race. The goal of this work would be to elevate campaign finance reform as a key issue in the next presidential election by getting each presidential candidate stumping in New Hampshire to answer one key question: "How are you going to end the corruption in Washington?". Through organization of an annual "political reform" walk in each of the three years leading up to the primaries, coordination of citizen engagement and introduction of relevant resolutions in Town Meeting Meetings, and cultivation of an online community, this grant is intended to help educate the public and motivate demand for campaign finance reform.

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