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This grant to the Arms Control Association would allow the organization to facilitate a media campaign designed to educate decision makers and the public about the Presidential Nuclear Guidance, which will be released publicly this year. The Guidance is an important opportunity for the President, informed by the Department of Defense, to unilaterally change the number and types of nuclear weapons currently deployed and ready for use. The media outreach is one piece of a comprehensive campaign that the Arms Control Association, in partnership with the Union of Concerned Scientists and other organizations, has launched to ensure that the Guidance reduces the role of nuclear weapons in U.S. policy.
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for general operating support  
For the majority of the U.S. public and for many policymakers, the media serve as the main source of information on arms control, and the Arms Control Association is the country’s most respected producer of high-quality news about nuclear policy. A general operating support grant would support the Association’s efforts to inform and shape the international debate on nuclear weapons and energy policy, including the publication of Arms Control Today, eight to ten annual press conferences, six to ten annual threat assessment briefs, twenty-four annual issue briefs, and extensive rapid-response activities. Other priorities include the Association’s work to (1) educate policymakers about the ramifications of a comprehensive test ban, (2) encourage changes in U.S. nuclear targeting, (3) disseminate sophisticated analysis of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and (4) pursue new approaches to halt production of fissile materials for weapons.
for general operating support  
A general operating support grant would support the Association’s efforts to inform and shape the international debate on nuclear weapons and nonproliferation policy. Specific priorities include educating policymakers about plans to maintain elements of the U.S. nuclear triad, educating the Administration and Congress about the ramifications of a comprehensive test ban, and disseminating analysis of the implications of a deal with Iran to halt parts of its nuclear program.
for a joint project with BASIC  
A renewal of funding to the Arms Control Association (ACA) and the British American Security Information Council (BASIC) would allow the two organizations to continue their work to reduce the strategic importance of nuclear weapons in NATO. This is an especially important time to engage European leaders both because NATO is developing a Deterrence and Defense Posture Review that will be released in 2011 and because NATO’s stance on tactical nuclear weapons will inform the next round of arms control negotiations between the United States and Russia. BASIC and ACA will urge NATO states to include language in the review that will reduce dependence on tactical nuclear weapons, adopt assurances that NATO will not use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against countries that have renounced them, support the phased removal of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons from Europe, and continue to adapt NATO’s nuclear posture as other nations reduce their reliance on nuclear weapons.

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