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For Research And Advocacy On Feminist And Equitable Economic Policy In Africa

Regions Refocus, hosted by the Sustainable Markets Foundation, fosters regional and feminist networks through policy dialogue and workshops among civil society, governments, subregional alliances, and the United Nations. This grant will support a research and advocacy agenda to promote feminist and equitable economic policy in Africa. Regions Refocus will convene a community of experts and scholars to develop research and economic proposals with a feminist lens to advocate more inclusive and equitable economic policies in regional and global policy arenas that affect the African context.
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for the climate communications project  
Sustainable Markets Foundation is the fiscal sponsor for the Eco-Accountability project, which conducts research and launches communications to weaken the most prominent fossil fuel–related opponents of climate action and clean energy solutions. The Eco-Accountability team works with a network of bloggers and reporters to disseminate its research findings and promote widespread coverage that exposes the fossil fuel industries’ efforts to thwart progress on climate and clean energy policy.
for research and advocacy on feminist and equitable economic policy in Africa  
This grant to Sustainable Markets Foundation will support Regions Refocus to continue a research and advocacy project to promote feminist and equitable economic policy in Africa. Regions Refocus will publish research developed in the first phase of the project, and will initiate a second cycle of research to explore specific policy gaps identified in the previous grant. Regions Refocus will convene workshops and policy dialogues to link policy findings to opportunities at the national, regional, and global levels, linking to other regions in the global South to amplify alternative economic paths. Regions Refocus will create a fellowship to connect new researchers to postindependence thought through an intergenerational dialogue.

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