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for general operating support  
The State of the USA (SUSA) seeks to help the American people better assess the progress of the United States through the use of quality statistical data—specifically, a web-based Key National Indicator System (KNIS). The Hewlett Foundation has supported this initiative since 2004, and in March 2010, the U.S. government made a commitment to define and measure its own progress on a continuing basis via the KNIS. The system will be created using $70 million in public funding over nine years and will be implemented by the National Academy of Sciences and its operating arm, the National Research Council, in partnership with the State of the USA. The initiative will evolve over the next six to eighteen months from a purely private entity to a public/private partnership, with a transition strategy that consists of four main elements: establishing optimal conditions for working with the U.S. federal government; designing and creating the necessary joint capabilities with the National Academy and the State of the USA for successful development of the KNIS; upgrading SUSA’s operations to a level appropriate for this new phase of work; and maintaining momentum in private strategic and financial support. The Foundation is renewing its support for two more years (at a significantly lower level) to ensure that the State of the USA is able to function seamlessly during this critical transition period.

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