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For The Evaluation Of Tostan

This two-year grant to Stanford University would support an evaluation of the Reinforcement of Parental Education (RPE) program conducted by Tostan in Senegal. To address barriers to success among schoolchildren, Tostan has developed a community-led approach to improve caregiving practices and children’s language skills. The evaluation will strengthen Tostan’s monitoring and evaluation systems, build capacity of Tostan staff via local trainings and an international post-doctorate degree help Tostan use data and feedback for more efficient and effective programming, assess the efficacy of the RPE module in changing parenting skills and children’s language outcomes, provide a baseline for a later longitudinal follow-up of these children when they enter school, develop local expertise and robust testing procedures in assessing the effects of parenting interventions in field conditions, and contribute findings on the role of early language experience to parents and children in an African culture.
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for a new paradigm for utility wildfire safety in California  
The Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment’s mission is to produce breakthrough environmental knowledge and solutions that sustain people and planet today and for generations to come. This grant supports the institute’s ability to identify more effective utility wildfire safety solutions in California, which is critical to achieving both wildfire resilience and climate goals. (Substrategy: Wildfire)
for the Toward a World Free of Nuclear Weapons project  
Former secretary of state George Shultz’s Toward a World Free of Nuclear weapons project has renewed and catalyzed worldwide interest in reestablishing the vision of, and taking steps toward, significant reductions in global nuclear arsenals and their ultimate elimination. In the coming year, Secretary Shultz, renowned physicist Sidney Drell, and former Ambassador James Goodby plan to enlist the support of countries that have nuclear weapons capabilities and those that are potential nuclear weapon states to encourage step-by-step progress toward a reduction in the role of nuclear weapons worldwide. Such steps could include beginning joint aerial monitoring for nuclear weapons testing and developing methods to encourage active participation of the nine nuclear weapons states in accelerating disarmament.
for the Woods Institute Leopold Fellowship  
This grant to the Woods Institute at Stanford University would provide communication training to outstanding scientists working in a broad range of environmental fields. The goal is to impart the skills necessary for scientists to translate their knowledge in non-academic settings in a manner that is understandable to decision makers, media, and the public.

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