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In contrast to much of traditional journalism, which focuses on problems and crises, Solutions Journalism Network aims to legitimize rigorous, compelling reporting about solutions. Their theory is that a lack of understanding and urgency around promising or demonstrably successful solutions limit their potential, and that focusing on solutions is a journalistic practice that will strengthen society’s capacity to galvanize action and address problems. Launched in 2013 by acclaimed industry veterans, it has found early success at providing targeted funding, strategic connections, and training for journalists on how this practice can fit within their longstanding approaches, meet growing audience demand, and satisfy publisher needs.
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115 East 34th Street, #1806, New York, NY, 10156, United States
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for general operating support  
The Solutions Journalism Network is a nonprofit organization that advocates an approach of solutions journalism, an evidence-based mode of reporting on the responses to social problems. The network’s founding mission was “to legitimize and spread the practice of solutions journalism” primarily by training reporters, editors, and producers; consulting on coverage, engagement, and revenue strategies; and providing catalytic financial support for projects.
for general operating support  
SJN’s mission is to legitimize and integrate into standard journalistic practice the rigorous coverage of responses to social problems — with a focus on increasing awareness and understanding of how creative approaches are achieving results. This work addresses a critical blind spot in journalism: Reporters cover the world’s problems, but they regularly overlook or undervalue helpful or promising responses to those problems, even when they show evidence of effectiveness. As a result, people know far more about what’s wrong with society than what’s being done to improve it.

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