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For Support Of The Anxieties Of Democracy Program

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    32 Months
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    General Support/Program
This grant will support the Social Science Research Council’s Anxieties of Democracy program. Developed initially with a previous grant from the Hewlett Foundation, the program "seeks to strengthen and integrate social science research and analysis on the obstacles to democracy’s capacity to address big problems and induce both younger and more experienced colleagues to work on the themes of citizenship, governmental capacity, and the substance of policy." The Council seeks to transform how the academy approaches problems of democracy and to better inform the public debate. This grant will enable the Council to execute its ambitious plans and includes a matching component to encourage other funders to support this important work.
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for support of digital disinformation research mapping and policy translation  
The field of scholars seeking to understand, and address, challenges around digital disinformation has grown rapidly over the last several years. The field spans many scholarly disciplines, including political science, computer science, behavioral science, communications and journalism, law, philosophy, and more. Platforms, journalists, and policymakers have much to learn from leading research about these problems, and emerging solutions, but navigating the body of pending and published research is challenging. This grant would support the Social Science Research Council in mapping, on an ongoing and iterative basis, research underway in this field, and developing "living lit reviews" to translate these scholarly findings to key audiences in closer to real-time.

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