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For Support Of Digital Disinformation Research Mapping And Policy Translation

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The field of scholars seeking to understand, and address, challenges around digital disinformation has grown rapidly over the last several years. The field spans many scholarly disciplines, including political science, computer science, behavioral science, communications and journalism, law, philosophy, and more. Platforms, journalists, and policymakers have much to learn from leading research about these problems, and emerging solutions, but navigating the body of pending and published research is challenging. This grant would support the Social Science Research Council in mapping, on an ongoing and iterative basis, research underway in this field, and developing "living lit reviews" to translate these scholarly findings to key audiences in closer to real-time.
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for the Digital Platforms and the Public Interest Project  
The Social Science Research Council was founded in 1923 by seven disciplinary associations to support social science in the public interest. This grant will support a one-year project to convene a group of senior, mid-career, and early-career economists to investigate the potential for an investment in economics research on digital platforms. The project will (a) survey the existing economics literature on digital platforms, (b) identify open research questions that could lead to important new evidence about digital platforms, (c) consider the potential implications of the proposed research agenda for new policy and regulatory frameworks, and (d) consider the potential implications of the proposed research agenda for new intellectual frameworks in the discipline of economics.
for planning of a long-term program on Anxieties of Democracy  
The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) is a unique organization focused on supporting and shaping the field of social science research. SSRC supports new generations of social scientists, fosters innovative research, and helps to mobilize knowledge on important public issues. The SSRC works with practitioners, policymakers, and academic researchers in the social sciences and related fields to build international, interdisciplinary networks, link research to practice and policy, strengthen individual and institutional capacities for learning, and enhance public access to information. SSRC awards fellowships and grants, convenes workshops and conferences, conducts research and facilitates research, and produces print and online publications. This grant will support planning for a new focus area, "Anxieties of Democracy", which will explore whether and how democratic institutions can effectively address large-scale challenges around 1) capitalism and the economy, 2) alleviating class hierarchies, 3) addressing global instability, 4) balancing national security and civil liberty.

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