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For The Great Democracy Initiative, To Advance Transformative New Thinking On Key Policy Issues

The Great Democracy Initiative seeks to advance transformative new thinking on key policy issues — from confronting the concentration of power in our economy to reforming our broken government — that challenge and move beyond the neoliberal belief systems that have constrained both policy debate and policy creation. To do this, the initiative engages leading thinkers, produces policy ideas and analysis, and reaches policymakers and the press to amplify these ideas. Current priorities include antitrust, trade, taxes, jobs, regulation, and institutional reforms such as civil service and contracting reform.
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The Roosevelt Institute brings together thousands of policy and thought leaders — from emerging voices in every state to Nobel laureate economists — to reimagine the rules. Over the last year, Roosevelt has undertaken an intensive effort to better understand how neoliberal belief systems shape today’s economy and society, and chart viable alternatives. Now, Roosevelt is ready to integrate this learning into all aspects of its work. The organization will invest in both internal capacity — research, policy analysis, communications, and outreach — and external partnership work, convening key leaders who will be critical to building consensus and ultimately driving a worldview shift away from neoliberalism toward sustainable systems and institutional change.

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