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For A Donor Collaborative To Increase Foundation Openness

With this grant, the Philanthropy Grantmaking Program officially begins a new strategy focused on increasing openness in the sector. Openness is a pre-requisite to effectiveness because it enables philanthropy to attract good ideas from multiple sources, facilitate faster testing and learning on the path to impact, improve grantee relationships with funders and among one another, strengthen collaboration and reduce duplication of effort, and build communities of shared learning and action. This is a strategy best pursued collaboratively, and thus to start we will partner with five other funders and create a $5.75 million pooled grant fund at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA) from which we will recommend grants together.
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for the Fund for Shared Insight donor collaborative  
Fund for Shared Insight is a funder collaborative. Its goal is that funders and nonprofits will be meaningfully more connected to each other, and to the people and communities it seeks to help — and more responsive to their input and feedback. Shared Insight has grown since its inception five years ago. Today it includes 13 core funders and 81 additional funders who collectively contribute roughly $8 million each year (on average) to a pooled fund at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. To date, the Fund has made 244 grants to 242 organizations totaling $22.7 million, and is committed to rigorous measurement and sharing what it learns.

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